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A call for submissions

by rat collective

New York, N.Y. – The first issue of The New York Rat, a new, seasonal, anarchist publication will come out this Fall. It will serve as an informational resource for our local anarchist communities, outlining New York City-based groups and collectives that are actively working on projects that others can plug into. Although traditionally fragmented, the NYC Anarchist scene is vibrant and strong, with new collectives and projects sprouting up all the time.

The NY Rat will provide a forum for local groups to muster people for specific tasks, spread the word about new projects, and request mutual aid. It will also be a quick, easy reference guide for new folks in town, for local people interested in getting involved, and for those of us who are listserve-a-phobic and usually have no idea about what is going on. A calendar of events and wish-list section, art and music showcase, and personal ads will also be included.

What we need: Groups or collectives that would like to be featured the should write a short, autobiographical blurb, outlining who they are, what they are doing, and how people can get involved.

People are also encouraged to submit announcements, info about events, calls to action, wishes that they would love to see fulfilled, and personal ads (with an email contact that will be kept private) advertising groups they would like to form, friends they would like to meet, or experiences they would like to share.

All submissions should be emailed to:

love and resistance!

Posted by F.K. Witt.