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Prole Cat
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Daybreak #5 available

by Daybreak Collective

Minneapolis, Minn., 19 October 2004 – Hi. The 5th issue of Daybreak! the rabble rousing midwestern tabloid from Minneapolis is now out! It’s 12 11x17 pages of newsprint chok with all types of stuff. It’s available for $2 mail (no checks) or free locally. We have asked for lots of volunteers for activities ranging from distroing to holding benifits and even working with the collective for next issue. Most articles will be posted on independent media in the coming weeks. You can see most of the articles at

PO Box 14007
Minneapolis MN 55414

Daybreak is an anarchist collective in the Twin Cities. We focus mostly on doing basic outreach: a webpage, a distro, and a newspaper, as well as activism. The projects that we work on and create reflect our commitment to creating a world in line with anarchist ideals of cooperation, mutual aid, direct action, autonomy, and of course liberty. We hold a new world in our hearts!

Posted by F.K. Witt.