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Informational Picket at Wild Oats

Norwood, Ohio, 23 September 2004 – Workers at the Norwood Wild Oats store are currently mourning the loss of their Fellow Worker and union organizer, Tom Kappas. [Ed. note: he’s not dead, just fired.]

Kappas and about a dozen others have joined the Industrial Workers of the World because of its appreciation of worker control. They are campaigning to create better working conditions at their store and if possible across the retail and grocery industry.

Kappas was recently fired for what many (over 30 workers have signed the petition requesting Kappas’ reinstatement) think is a trumped-up charge: discounting nineteen cents worth of produce from the spoilage cooler.

Therefore, since Wild Oats continues to ignore the union’s protest, the IWW will bring its protest to Wild Oats.

Assemble at the corner of Edwards Road and Madison Avenue in front of the BP.

Date: Saturday, September 25th 11 AM–6 PM (it’s strongly encouraged to attend from 2-3 PM).

Signs will be supplied but homemade signs should be brought as well.

Posted by F.K. Witt.