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Sixth Street Books Closing

San Francisco, Cal., 23 September 2004 – 6th St Books is closing for good. There is a party and show to celebrate the amazing effort put in by Tommy Strange. Plus he is selling off his stock for almost nothing. Please come, get drunk, listen to music, spill a sip of your 40 oz. on the street for Tommy.

“Fucking Hell, Crap, Dammit All” show with…

ACTS OF SEDITION (some gilman folks, some other folks) TIGRIS & EUPHRATES (folks from “The Shivering, Benumb, and Severed Savior, but of course sound absolutley nothing like any of them”) Annie from THIS IS MY FIST (acoustic, definitely NOT folk)

144 6th st between Mission & Howard, SF 7:30. $4

Posted by F.K. Witt.