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A tribute to the Haymarket Martyrs and benefit for Kate Sharpley Library

Oakland, Cal., 8 November 2004 – Featuring the incomparable Anarchist Historian Barry Pateman And music by the Devin Hoff Platform: Jewlia Eisenberg, voice; Maya Dunietz, accordion; Dina Maccabee, violin; Viola Darren Johnston, trumpet; Devin Hoff, bass.

Thursday 11 November 2004, 8 pm @ 21 Grand (449B 23rd St., btwn Broadway and Telegraph), Oakland.

“The Eleventh of November has become a day of international importance, cherished in the hearts of all true lovers of Liberty as a day of martyrdom. On that day was offered to the gallows-tree martyrs as true to their ideal as ever were sacrificed in any age…”

“Our comrades were not murdered by the state because they had any connection with the bombthrowing, but because they were active in organizing the wage-slaves. The capitalist class didn't want to find the bombthrower; this class foolishly believed that by putting to death the active spirits of the labor movement of the time, it could frighten the working class back to slavery.” – Lucy Parsons

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