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Prole Cat
Farm Workers’ Contract
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Hotel Workers’ Strike
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Nine Reasons Not to Vote
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October 2004

Chechnya: Its War, Oil, and People

Chechnya, located in the south of Russia and to the north of the Republic of Georgia, has been at war for five long years. We are told very few facts about the country by the mainstream press, other than the Chechens are fighting for their freedom from Russian rule. Unfortunately, civilians on both sides are being killed. The Chechen Mujahideen estimates that around 60,000 people have already been died as a result of the fighting, and that figure is climbing. They state that for every Chechen or Ingushetian child killed, a Russian will die. This tiny civil war has extended not only to Russia, but also to Northern Georgia, and continues to spread throughout the whole Caucus region. As it grows, more people die.


– Rocco Katary

Towards More Effective Political Organizations

The debate over whether or not anarchists should organize is a long and rich one. Much has been written on the subject. So it is likely that most anarchists, at least those who have been politically involved for a significant length of time, know where they stand on this topic. At any rate, the value of organization will not be argued here.


– Prole Cat, who tries to play a positive leadership role in anarchist politics in the southeastern US

Immigrant Farm Workers Win Contract in North Carolina!

In the face of a growing boycott promoted by activists of many hues, but dominated by anti-capitalists and with a large anarchist contingent, the bosses have relented. The Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) has been recognized as representing the workers in the cucumber fields of North Carolina.


– Prole Cat

Hotel Workers Begin Two Week Strike in San Francisco

Fourteen hundred workers are on strike in San Francisco, and another 2,600 have been locked out of their jobs at fourteen high price hotels. The striking and locked-out workers are members of UNITE HERE Local 2, fighting against an increase in their payments for health care. The strike comes at the beginning of the San Francisco fall tourist season and with luck may hit the bosses hard.


– F.K. Witt

Nine Reasons Not to Vote

What we know as Democracy is nothing more than a fleeting moment of illusory power. Once every few years we are allowed to select a new ruler from a virtually identical selection – very similar to our sacrosanct freedom to choose from a myriad of prosaic commodities. In our supposedly democratic political system, our participation rarely ventures beyond the ballot box, resulting in apathy and boredom. Voting extinguishes our yearning for direct action and stultifies our ability to organise together without hierarchy. We are constantly placing our desires in the hands of someone more competent, someone more deserving – always someone else.


– “The Ministry of Subjectivity”

Opposing Electoral Voting in A Time of War

This was a part of a panel discussion in Minneapolis titled, Electoral Voting in the Time of War, so that is the way it is addressed.


– a member of the North Star Anarchist Collective, Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives (FRAC)